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An Introduction to Quakerism
Quakerism, or The Religious Society of Friends, was formed in England in the 1600's by a man named George Fox and a group of like-minded seekers. They believed that everyone could have a direct relationship with God. They rejected the idea that someone must swear an oath, or recite a creed, to prove they were in good order with God. They also rejected the idea that only people with an advanced education could hear and share God's messages. Because ministry was given by untrained speakers filled with spiritual inspiration, they sometimes trembled, leading to the early nickname of "Quakers". (Quakers are also often referred to as "Friends".) Quakerism was born out of a Christian tradition, so the teachings of Jesus Christ remain central to the ministry of many Quaker meetings. But, each person has the opportunity to come to know God in their own way, so Quaker meetings enjoy a wide variety of messages reflecting many different inspirational sources.

Quakers generally believe, that there is that of God in every person and therefore God continues to reveal truth in some way to everyone. They also believe that God calls everyone to be compassionate and caring toward others and to do their best to bring their faith into action. Many people have come to Quakerism looking for a way of life that would support their calling to do good works.

Bucks Quarter Quakers do not have a paid clergy. They practice an unprogrammed form of worship. Friends gather in silent prayer and meditation to wait on the word of the Divine spirit. Anyone in that gathering, who feels they are lead by the spirit to share a message, can speak that message. Speakers are encouraged to speak just once and to allow time between speakers. Seekers from any faith tradition, as well as those seeking a faith community for the first time, are welcome to come and worship any time.

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Adult Religious Education Resources
  • Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Library
    The PYM library has an extensive collection of 23,000 books, periodicals, and audio-visual items, for children and adults, dealing mainly with Quaker theology, history, biography and social concerns. http://www.pym.org/library/

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