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Structure & Committees
Bucks Quarterly Meeting looks to the common interests of its member meetings.The organizational structure of the Quarter is similar to a Monthly Meeting.

There is a Clerk, Alternate Clerk, Recording Clerk and Treasurer. There are committees and ideally, there are representatives from each Monthly Meeting serving on those committees. These committee members are nominated and approved by their respective Meetings. The Quarter also has one employee, the Coordinator.

The following, is a list of each committee and their roles, the goals of the Coordinator, and the Institutions under the care of Bucks Quarter.

Worship and Ministry: Arrange occasions for worship and information sharing for the Quarter. Assist Monthly Meeting Worship and Ministry Committees in carrying forth their functions of nurturing the Spiritual life of their Meetings. This committee is also responsible for coordinating the weekly worship services at Chandler Hall. Meets four times per year on the Friday evening of Quarterly Meeting weekend.

Oversight Committee: Oversee and set priorities for the activities of the Coordinator (the goals of the Coordinator are listed below). Advise Quarter Clerk, as needed, on urgent business of the Quarter between Quarterly Meeting for Business. Meets ten times per year.

Outreach: Inform and educate the general public about our Quaker faith and our activities. To attract Seekers to our Worship Community. To facilitate the development of more Members in all our Monthly Meetings. Meets six times per year.

Chandler Hall Auxiliary: Chandler Hall opened its doors in 1973 as The Friends Nursing Home of Bucks Quarterly Meeting. Today the Quarters connection to Chandler Hall is through the Auxiliary which serves to communicate to others the extent of Chandler Hall's programs, inform members and others about the issues and processes of aging, and raises money to provide enrichment and services for the residents of Chandler Hall.

Budget and Nominating: Nominate officers of the Quarter, prepare the budget for the Quarter and maintain the Quarters Handbook. Nominate representatives to the Nominating Committee of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting (PYM). The Quarters covenant to PYM comes through the Quarter. Based on each Monthly Meetings ability to contribute, Budget and Nominating sets the commitment to PYM. Meets three times per year.

Auditors: Conducts an annual audit of the Quarters financial records. Meets annually.

The goals of the Coordinator are as follows:

  • Facilitate greater involvement of Monthly Meetings in the Quarter and enhance communications between the Meetings and the Quarter.

  • Facilitate the participation of members and attenders in Friends activities and to engender a feeling of belonging to the Religious Society of Friends (RSOF).

  • Facilitate greater involvement of young Friends in the (RSOF).

  • Provide a source of information about the RSOF in Bucks Quarter, and provide as needed, guidance and support exploring Meetings and activities of the RSOF.

The goals of the Coordinator are evaluated each year by the Oversight Committee. The position of the Coordinator is flexible and determined by the needs of the Quarter. The Coordinator reports ten times yearly to the Oversight Committee and quarterly to the Quarter. This is the only paid staff person of the Quarter.

Quakerphernalia: Published monthly by the Coordinator, this newsletter serves to inform, and to support the work of members, attenders and Monthly Meetings.

Bucks Quarter Documents

Holly Olson, Coordinator
Box 4477 - George School
Newtown, Pennsylvania 18940

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